Christmas Decorating

26 Nov

I love decorating for Christmas!  I usually start decorating the day after Thanksgiving and today was not an exception!  I didn’t get too much done though because I decided to pick up some fabric at JoAnn’s this morning…that trip turned into a 4 hour trip since JoAnn’s was an absolute MADHOUSE.  There weren’t ANY carts, so I had to carry around all my bolts of fabric and could only get enough fabric to make three projects.  I had to wait in line at the cutting counter for over 2 hours!  Insanity.  This all got me thinking about the Managerial Economics class I’m currently taking.  After getting my number to wait in line for the cutting counter, I was wondering if I should just put all my stuff back and go home.  Besides, I had hot coffee waiting for me in the car that would still be hot if I left then.  However, I got out of the house, drove to JoAnns, picked out all my fabric AND carried those heavy bolts around since I didn’t have a cart.   So if I left all of that would have been for nothing.  But, economically, those factors shouldn’t have played into my decision to leave or stay since they are sunk costs, which cannot be recovered.  Hee hee….I guess I am learning something in grad school:-)  Anyways, I stayed.  I had a damn good coupon and combined with the sales I ended up saving $70.

Back to decorating… Today, I swapped out all the regular dishes for the Christmas dishes, brought up the Christmas tree and I got FabDaughter’s pink mini tree set up in her room.  Hopefully tomorrow we can finish decorating the house.  FabDaughter just turned two and Christmas is going to be so much fun this year.  The look on her face when we showed her that she had her own Christmas tree, decorated just for her, in her room was priceless!  We also sung “Jingle Bells” to her today and she asked us to sing it “again” about four times.  Then she started singing it herself.  ADORABLE!

Here are two images I made today using Elements.  I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do with them yet, but I did buy two white 8×10 picture frames today at JoAnns to put them in.  If you want to use them for yourself go right ahead.  You can either print them out at home on cardstock or photopaper or send them out to where ever you have your photos printed.  Enjoy!


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