An Apron Fit for a Bride

10 Jan

I’m very excited about this apron I sewed for my future sister-in-law so I just had to blog about it! I used the McCall’s Retro Aprons pattern by Barbara Brunson and made apron style C, “Sophia’s Diner.”

I found the perfect fabric for a bride-to-be. It has engagement rings, champagne flutes, hearts, blue boxes and the words “Celebrate” on it. Below is an up-close picture of the fabric:

I absolutely love the halter style top of the apron. When I tried it on, it felt like I was channeling my inner Marilyn. One day I’ll make one for myself so I can feel fabulous while trying to cook my family dinner!

I thought this pattern was very easy to use but I did make a couple changes. First, steps 9-11 are about sewing the pocket but the pattern made no mention of sewing the opening of the pocket. It has to be a mistake otherwise the edges of the pocket opening would have raw edges. It would look unfinished and would fray with washing so I decided to sew the two pieces that make up the pocket together. The second thing I changed was that I added an edge stitch around the pocket band. I think that the edge stitch adds a nice decorative detail.

Here is the finished product:

I hope she likes it!


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