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When Irish Eyes are Smiling Printable

26 Feb

It’s almost March and I just realized that I haven’t decorated for St. Patrick’s Day yet!  I just took down the Valentine’s Day decorations this afternoon.  (I’m a little behind.)  In honor of getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day, I created this printable to put in the frame by my sink.  Enjoy!


Valentine’s Treats

12 Feb

These are FabDaughter’s and my Valentine’s!

I first saw this Valentine’s idea on Pinterest and thought it was freaking adorable.  The directions and idea came from Tammy Michell (click on her name to go to her blog).

I made the labels using Photoshop Elements.  The scalloped frame is a free download from The CoffeeShop Blog.  I used big fish ensamble font and the heart symbol is the KR Heartalicious font.  Both can be downloaded for free.  I printed out my label using the the Inkjet white full sheet labels from Office Max.  I fit 12 labels on a sheet.

Since FabDaughter is taking these to daycare, I decided to just purchase snack bags of goldfish to be safe and attach the labels I made right onto the bag.  These were so cute I decided to make some Valentine’s from me using white pillow boxes and filling them with swedish fish.

I’m so excited for FabDaughter’s first Valentine’s day at school.  (Up until this year she’s been at an in-home daycare.)  I hope her friends all like their goldfish Valentines.  Later in the week all the toddler parents are invited to attend a Valentine’s pancake breakfast.  I couldn’t be more excited to attend my first school event!!

Valentine’s Craft

11 Feb

FabDaughter has really been into painting lately so when I saw this craft idea on Rust & Sunshine I knew we had to make handmade Valentine’s!  We used toilet paper rolls, tape, plain white cardstock and pink & red acrylic paints.  I squirted some paint on a plate, dipped the toilet paper roll into it, showed FabDaughter how to stamp the heart and then she took over.  She had lots of fun “painting hearts” and has already specified who gets each Valentine she made.  What a fabulous activity for a toddler!

Leg Warmers

5 Feb

FabDaughter takes a gymnastics class for toddlers and she wears a leotard and leg warmers.  I only have one pair of leg warmers for her which I bought at Target for I think $11.  I was just thinking about looking for some more leg warmers so she didn’t have to wear the same pair all the time when my cousin suggested that I make them.  She sent me a link for a tutorial where “baby legs” are made from knee-high socks.  Genius!  I picked up two pair of adult women knee-high socks at Target this morning, one for $1.75 and one for $2.25 and turned them into two pairs of leg warmers within 10 minutes.  The black pair with hearts was the first pair I made.  One is slightly longer than the other but you can’t tell when they are on.  The second pair came out perfect.  I can’t believe how easy it was to make my own leg warmers and how much cheaper it is to make them!


See, you can't tell one is slightly longer when they are on.

Here is the link to the “baby legs” tutorial on Stitch 7: Baby Legs Tutorial