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Handmade Easter Cards

18 Mar

This morning FabDaughter and I made Easter cards. I saw this idea online and had to try it.

How cute are these?

What you need:

  • Finger paints
  • Paint brush
  • Cardstock
  • Fine tip black Sharpie pen
  • Orange marker

I have the worst handwriting so I made a blank 4 x 6 file in Photoshop and added text saying “Some Bunny Loves You!” and “For Peep’s Sake… Have a Happy Easter!” using the Jenna Sue font and printed them out on cardstock. (Below are the files incase you have ugly handwriting too!) I painted FabDaughter’s thumb and let her press it onto the cardstock. For the bunny card, I painted her pinky finger too and had her press her finger above her thumb print to make the bunny’s head. Then I let her go to town on some blank paper while I waited for the cards to dry. After they were dry, I added in the details with the Sharpie pen and orange marker. We plan on handing them out at Easter. FabDaughter always is so proud of herself when she gives out her artwork. It makes my heart smile:-)


No Sew Tutu

18 Mar

FabDaughter LOVES wearing tutus (she is a girly girl)! She asks to wear one of her tutus almost daily so I decided to make her a new tutu to wear for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! This is the second tutu I’ve made for her. The first tutu I made was for her 1st birthday party.

I used this YouTube video for instructions on how to make the tutu. She uses a clever method of rolling the tulle and then cutting the roll every 3 inches to make long, evenly cut strips of tulle. After unrolling the long strips of tulle, you can then cut them to the size you want. For the St. Patrick’s Day tutu, I cut the strips 24 inches long. Since you fold them in half, the tutu’s length was 12 inches. I used 60 inches of skinny grosgrain ribbon (that’s all I had) and 6 yards of tulle (3 yards green and 3 yards white).

St. Patrick's Day Tutu

For the 1st birthday tutu, I used 60 inches of a wired satin ribbon and 3 yards of tulle (1.5 yards pink and 1.5 yards purple). I cut the tulle into 20 inch long strips to make a tutu that was 10 inches long.

First Birthday Tutu

Fabulous Leprechauns

4 Mar

I saw this “Lepre-CUTIES” craft on Pinterest and thought it was so adorable FabDaughter and I had to make our own.  (She LOVES “helping Mommy!”)  Click here for the directions.

Instead of painting a paper plate orange and using that for the beards (as per in the directions link), I just cut circles out of a 12 x 12 piece of orange cardstock.  The only thing I would do different is to print out the faces on photopaper instead of cardstock.  When I glued the faces to the beards, the colors bled through the cardstock a tiny bit.