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The Easter Bunny Came

8 Apr

Last year a few of the mom’s at work gave me the idea to make Easter bunny footprints for FabDaughter.  They told me to take my thumb and two fingers, dip them in flour and stamp “bunny tracks” on the ground.  I couldn’t for the life of me get it to look good.  I ended up just sprinkling flour on the floor and trying to make “bunny tracks” in the big pile of flour.  It was a hot mess!!  However, FabDaughter was only one and a half and didn’t know any better.  She LOVED it and couldn’t stop looking at the bunny tracks.   She even sat down in the flour to take a closer look.  It was adorable but I vowed I would do better next year.

Next year is here and my bunny tracks aren’t a complete disaster this time!  Yay!  I actually think they are cute:-)  This year I created a template, cut it out, placed it on the ground and used my flour sifter to “stencil” bunny footprints from the front door leading to FabDaughter’s Easter basket.  Here is the template incase you want to save it and use it for next Easter.  Bunny Tracks Template

I can’t wait for FabDaughter to wake up and see that the Easter Bunny came!