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Update: Summer Fun List

8 Aug

We’ve been busy crossing off items on our 2012 Summer Fun List .  This week we crossed off #16: Make some sidewalk chalk paint and paint the driveway and #22: Plant some flowers / vegetables / herbs (plant anything really).

FabDaughter LOVED the sidewalk chalk paint and it was super easy to make.  There are various recipes are all over Pinterest.  The one I used called for equal parts of cornstarch and water (I used a half cup each).  Mix until the cornstarch is dissolved, divide the mixture into cups or a muffin tin, then add a few drops of food coloring and stir.  FabDaughter made the paint under my directions then all three of us went outside to work on our masterpiece.

This weekend I went to Michael’s to stock up on some of the cheap craft projects out of the $1 bins.  These are perfect to have on hand to entertain FabDaughter on a weeknight while I’m getting dinner ready.  I found a Good Luck Egg that grows shamrocks with the possibility of a four-leaf clover (probably only if you are lucky) and thought we could use that for #22.  It took all of 5 minutes for FabDaughter and I to set it up (which consisted of adding 2 tbsp of water to the planter and dropping the seeds in) but we did plant something:-)  FabHubby told me today that our seeds are starting to sprout.  Yay!

I had the best intentions to start a small vegetable and herb garden this year and possibly plant some flowers in our beds.  But the fact is that I have NO idea what I’m doing.  I never started and I ran out  of time to plant anything.  I’m hoping next year I can at least get vegetable garden started.  I will have to plan it in advance so I don’t miss out on the timing again and hopefully my Mom will help me get started (hint hint, wink wink)!  My grandpa, her dad, had quite the extensive garden.  I have very fond memories of helping him in the garden when I was a little girl and then taking our picks inside for Granny to wash and cut up.  Plus, fresh veggies from the garden are the best!