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No Sew Tutu

18 Mar

FabDaughter LOVES wearing tutus (she is a girly girl)! She asks to wear one of her tutus almost daily so I decided to make her a new tutu to wear for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! This is the second tutu I’ve made for her. The first tutu I made was for her 1st birthday party.

I used this YouTube video for instructions on how to make the tutu. She uses a clever method of rolling the tulle and then cutting the roll every 3 inches to make long, evenly cut strips of tulle. After unrolling the long strips of tulle, you can then cut them to the size you want. For the St. Patrick’s Day tutu, I cut the strips 24 inches long. Since you fold them in half, the tutu’s length was 12 inches. I used 60 inches of skinny grosgrain ribbon (that’s all I had) and 6 yards of tulle (3 yards green and 3 yards white).

St. Patrick's Day Tutu

For the 1st birthday tutu, I used 60 inches of a wired satin ribbon and 3 yards of tulle (1.5 yards pink and 1.5 yards purple). I cut the tulle into 20 inch long strips to make a tutu that was 10 inches long.

First Birthday Tutu


Leg Warmers

5 Feb

FabDaughter takes a gymnastics class for toddlers and she wears a leotard and leg warmers.  I only have one pair of leg warmers for her which I bought at Target for I think $11.  I was just thinking about looking for some more leg warmers so she didn’t have to wear the same pair all the time when my cousin suggested that I make them.  She sent me a link for a tutorial where “baby legs” are made from knee-high socks.  Genius!  I picked up two pair of adult women knee-high socks at Target this morning, one for $1.75 and one for $2.25 and turned them into two pairs of leg warmers within 10 minutes.  The black pair with hearts was the first pair I made.  One is slightly longer than the other but you can’t tell when they are on.  The second pair came out perfect.  I can’t believe how easy it was to make my own leg warmers and how much cheaper it is to make them!


See, you can't tell one is slightly longer when they are on.

Here is the link to the “baby legs” tutorial on Stitch 7: Baby Legs Tutorial

An Apron Fit for a Bride

10 Jan

I’m very excited about this apron I sewed for my future sister-in-law so I just had to blog about it! I used the McCall’s Retro Aprons pattern by Barbara Brunson and made apron style C, “Sophia’s Diner.”

I found the perfect fabric for a bride-to-be. It has engagement rings, champagne flutes, hearts, blue boxes and the words “Celebrate” on it. Below is an up-close picture of the fabric:

I absolutely love the halter style top of the apron. When I tried it on, it felt like I was channeling my inner Marilyn. One day I’ll make one for myself so I can feel fabulous while trying to cook my family dinner!

I thought this pattern was very easy to use but I did make a couple changes. First, steps 9-11 are about sewing the pocket but the pattern made no mention of sewing the opening of the pocket. It has to be a mistake otherwise the edges of the pocket opening would have raw edges. It would look unfinished and would fray with washing so I decided to sew the two pieces that make up the pocket together. The second thing I changed was that I added an edge stitch around the pocket band. I think that the edge stitch adds a nice decorative detail.

Here is the finished product:

I hope she likes it!